What We Are About

A few months ago, an old friend made a trip home from India, where she has been living for the last three years. She had left behind a successful but "safe" career and a life full of security. But she felt that there had to be more. And so she set out to find it. Her trip was supposed to be just that. A six month venture to travel and visit cousins. But, once she arrived, she began to realize that she could, in fact, live there. She took her her past work experience and applied it in a way that allowed her to become an entrepreneur. Instead of repeating the career that she already had, she forged an entirely new path with her knowledge, some sweat equity and a whole lot of fortitude. She also came home with a gorgeous tattoo on her forearm that included the words "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone". Amen, my friend. Amen. You are an inspiration.

What does it mean to go beyond your comfort zone? That can only be defined by you. For some people it means setting out on a career path that they felt was unattainable, for others, it means leaving a secure career to try their hand at one that is filled with risk. It can be taking the scary step of having children or being bold enough to buck societal norms and decide that you don't want kids. Maybe it's finally leaving a relationship that you know isn't healthy or taking the plunge and committing to one that is. Or, perhaps, it's climbing that mountain...or going to a movie or restaurant alone....which, for many, feels like climbing their own personal mountain. Finally going to a yoga class or attempting your first mountain bike ride or trail run. Going into the backcountry alone. Whatever it means to you to move beyond your comfort zone....take that first step. Life isn't getting any longer. And you are not alone. Because you have the whole Scout community behind you. Cheering you on. And, if you stumble a little...no problem. Lean on us. On each other. We will lift you back up so that you can find your footing once again.

But...really....take that first step. And keep moving forward. Before you know it, you'll be running towards those things that make you a little uneasy but leave you feeling exhilarated when you conquer the fear and revel in the experience. And inspire other women to do the same...as the women before you inspired you. Never stop growing. Never be passive. Life has no rules and...trust us...YOU'VE GOT THIS. And we believe in you.

And, if you need a bit more inspiration, be sure to read the stories on our blog. Who knows? Maybe the next one will be yours.