Are Those Hula Hoops on your Backpack?

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Are those hula hoops on your backpack?

Yes they are, and I have carried them around 6 countries this last year, on buses, airplanes, trains, across the lakes in Guatemala, to the beaches of Panama, up to the mountains of Colombia, and by the end of my lifetime I'm hoping they'll see every country on this planet.

Why did I sell everything to travel the world indefinitely? Why do I carry my hoops everywhere I go (while navigating the weird comments and looks?) How did I crack myself wide-open and enable myself the freedom to take on this endeavor, forever?

So, you just perform and teach hula hooping? No, beyond just being a hippie hula hooper (no I'm not really a hippie) I also have a marketing company, and just released my first marketing product. This product is a culmination of my knowledge and is helping a specific group of people. But the point was also to be able to stop taking on clients. You know, I want to be able to actually enjoy traveling the world, sheesh. I made the decision to earn a significant amount of money at once in order to allow myself a little bit of breathing room to keep pursuing more projects. It took letting go of most of my clients and investing a lot of time into something that I wasn't sure would work. It took putting myself out there to create something that I hoped people would find to be of quality and also usefu.l paid off big time. Taking the risk was scary. But it was worth it. And it FELT right. Building and selling something that is a reflection of your knowledge, and of you, is absolutely terrifying. Especially for someone like myself who generally needs the approval of others or to hear "good job". But, this time, something was different. Because I felt difference. For the first time in my career, I had a secret weapon on my side....confidence. I used to have such confidence issues that I would question my worth as an employee back when I had a regular office job. But now things are different. Two realizations redefined my perceptions on life and have pushed me out of my comfort zone...time and time and time again.

The first realization is that we are all value 10 as a human being - no matter what we do. I will repeat that one because it is just that important. WE ARE ALL A VALUE 10 AS A HUMAN BEING. NO MATTER WHAT WE DO. Period. Lose clients? Don't live up to a client's expectations? Fail at a project? Still a value 10. That's right. These are all learning experiences. A way to move forward and become better. They are not a blemish on your value as a human being or on your career. They are the building blocks of your future and, more specifically, your future success.

Uncovering the eternal well spring of confidence deep within myself, I feel like I can take on any project. And, it's okay if it fails. There can be just as much value in learning from the failure as there is in having it succeed on the first try. These things it happens for a reason and they push me forward to my next project. Ask yourself...what's the worst that can happen? Because when it all boils down to it, we are all the universe, the stardust, love and life, and everything you do is just going to be okay . (Okay, okay, maybe I'm a little bit of a hippie.)

The second realization was watching a TED talk (cliche, Camille, c'mon!) about a guy who studied obituaries and found the most popular words used in obituaries were ones that had to do with revolutionizing something: following your passions and your dreams, paths having to do with art, dance, culture, and sciences. It got me thinking... What do I want to be known for? I didn't want to be known as the best Facebook marketer, or even a good Facebook marketer. I wanted to be known for hula hooping around the world. So let's go!

In fact, my next project is to film myself hula hooping in every country! I want to run with the wind, ride the wave of consequence, and see how far a girl and her hula hoop can go. Perform in the streets of Paris? Why not? Play circus with the kids in Nepal? Bring it on! The world is infinite with opportunity, if you can see it.

Hey, I just want to hula hoop. Really it just comes down to that. When I released my fear about hanging onto clients that didn't align with my passions, my business and financial freedom exploded. And if everything goes to hell, I'll just be hula hooping on the side of the road for change. And that's just fine too!

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