Ommmmm my goodness, these are soft!

We create form-flattering designs in luxuriously soft fabrics that you will want to wear...everywhere!  From trail to town, climbing to coffee.  We've got you style.

Tired of your leggings doing the downward dog?

Don't worry! These leggings will stay in place so that you can be on the move.  We want you to get outside and hike...not spend your day hiking your leggings up.

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Finding the Flow within the Depths of the Earth

Rowing a boat is just like riding a bike and the canyon breaks you in slowly. I begin to feel my oars in the water, find my rhythm and find my angles.  I begin to remember these rapids and how to follow the water on its path, twisting and turning through each corner and eddy. The past begins to emerge and fall off of me like the layers of the shell I built around myself. I gave away my power on this last trip and I’m determined to get it back. With each oar stroke, I begin to sigh, laugh, yell hoot and holler louder and louder with each rapid I guide.

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Are Those Hula Hoops on your Backpack?

Why did I sell everything to travel the world indefinitely? Why do I carry my hoops everywhere I go (while navigating the weird comments and looks?) How did I crack myself wide-open and enable myself the freedom to take on this endeavor, forever?

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